PEACE.. a piece of it eye would like but PEACE GOD they ask me who eye stand with eye say balance. eye be praying 4 tht. eye be praying 4 tha reset like shit a game all tha tyme but it’s really about tha reaction. My heart hurts, my tears run faster than my legs sumtimes come on feet get me going. My steps know but they ain’t seen this road but we know where to go. eye pray Allah continues to protect us with no fear attached. My gps like a heart on tha map, u know tha earth dying so u know I’m in pain if I’m representing. We tha same beloved. May Allah continue to bless us. Pick a lane they say, but u built a white mans path on my home, my place of rest, my place of peace, or only a piece so now we MOVE!!! u staying or going? A lot of us care to move but fear will always keep us away from freedom. legs that don’t move just sit, feet standing. u eva seen a man standing with no balance? If u can’t move with a purpose clearly, how do u think tha effect will be? How long can a a man stand? How long must my black ass stand in this line, amerikkka know eye been waiting too many times, 4,700 years and mo if we counting. A 9-5 slave paper sounding but we cool. U scared to kill a pig and u scared to go down tha block. U scared to move. U not scared to kill yo own but u scared of tha cops. Imagine not being afraid to go down the block peacefully. Imagine fearing yo own kind. Imagine listening to a penny thinking u was paying hundreds. Imagine if the industry wasn’t slavery and we were truly free to shine in tha smallest way most familiar with the sun. Million dollar dreams 100 dollar nightmares got my head busting. Eye know now eye never knew nothing. Eye can’t imagine most, cuz my sight plays tricks on me cuz eye swear eye see freedom outside tha door. Eye seen it all. Eye seen skies but also seen blood from my mother’s eyes different parents same wound. Well all cry wen one of us die but they treating our tears like sweat at tha goldmine. Ask yourself what u paying in tha end. Who u paying in tha end. Cuz it ain’t my ppl. U can pay me more than I’m worth doe. Pay me plze. Eye need money. Tha village need mo life. U gotta bring in piece. A life don’t know from tha start but u can’t be out here planting seeds wen u ain’t took care of yo first garden. We born pure. Eye pray for more COLOR, eye pray for ABUNDANCE. Tha blessing of life is the unexpected but Mama don’t need no more tears today, tomorrow too late too far way, my gas can’t pay for itself, PAY ME. we need it all. she deserve it all, tha black woman! all tha bags need to be filled same time. he deserve it all, tha black man! Make sure it’s half respected, a mutual love, eye know nothing of higher only a vibration and Allah. We live on tha othaside of time but we know tha white mans hand. My house was black palms. My house trusted one another, a new home. My hands was broken only to find tha pieces to rebuild. I’m still now. Pay me again when u realize what u owe. Don’t be thinking greedy wen eye say We need it all either. There’s a war outside nobody’s safe from, no shade find rain.