BLACK POWER! Blackness is my only salvation. Black is God, eye remember my place of home, my place of rest, my place of eternity. My 1st realization of knowledge, outta body outta mind was written in supreme faith. The only thing on my mind was us. A God and the creation. If u scuurrrd go to church! IT BETTA BE FREEDOM ON THA OTHASIDE OF THT DOOR. Suck 4 Dick’s if u think we don’t deserve freedom, nxggas wanna play Allah so much, but can’t fathom responsibility or a decision. When eye see a PIG eye think of all the Evil in the world. When eye see a PIG in uniform eye think of Death. We pick from tha garden and give flowers to my Mother Father Sister Brother Aunts Uncles Grandmothers and Grandfathers Brother Malcolm Sun Ra June Tyson Amiri Baraka Gonjasufi Zeroh Slauson Malone Bad Brains HO99O9 and Death alike. Heard from the heavens, the Devil is only balance of life in the end. How can you fix what’s already broken? A 6 You Don’t. Bricks thrown at tha glass can’t make out they own reflection let alone tha blood they step in. My mother’s words tha same as gods commandments in a sense. My Stilness only came once eye brought it in. Imagine not paying attention. Imagine never building, never destroying, imagine no 8. Imagine no change. Allah spoke eye listened, my Mama spoke eye listened, my Pops spoke eye listened. Imagine no 7. Witnesses change stories soon as stories end, so what can eye trust? What can eye control? Who can eye hold, Spin me around again. U ain’t fallin again “U A lie boi kill yoself”, street born. My 9 torn and turned my mind, formed most of us into believing anything but myself eye had to refine and 5 yoself. Find Yo self cuz Faith always needS direction, all praises to the most high, Allah prayers dun A’lady. Cuz she made me. Liberation outta pain again , love outta understanding It’s all 3. You can’t stop divinity, eye was branded. NEGRO. GOD. Freedom Man. Teacher. Student. Human. The Broken hearted created this. Eye was killed and resurrected, but only came back for a visit. I’ll die for my family. The stars more related than my close friends, ancestors showed me every door to every connection eye chose this one. My family stars. Struggle and Love all the same so we practice Endurance. You can’t kill us. This murder rate more like a flight number. Blackness is Immortal. I’ve never understood what could change a woman’s mind but eye worship the thought. The idea and the switch. It’s power my nxgga. A 2nd thought like Eye cherish tha wisdom. Shawty in luv w a pistol. Soul Sista. U can only appreciate tha shade once u had rain but if u ain’t had nothin, tha fuck yo clean ass know about gettin shit out tha mud. It’s a CIPHER LORD. My CREATOR had Color, a Smile, and Love. Black be the God, Black Woman Is God, Black Man is God and May Allah Continue To bless u and all of yo loved ones. Allah only gives what’s needed, gracefully we accept all and only wish to be seen beautifully cuz above all we are still breathing and life in this moment is a blessin. Faith High Praises Higher. Love Prosperity Peace and Power. Stay Safe and Vigilant My Nxggas.